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Demystifying liquid fertilizers

     (continued) One common mistake that growers trying new products make is buying the first “grow” nutrient they find on the shelf. A quick comparison on pricing encourages the purchase of the bottle of grow that is part of a three part or two part nutrient system. They are cheaper! Unfortunately, a product like General Hydroponics Flora Gro doesn’t have everything the plants will need. Even some products like Fox Farm’s Grow Big are best used with the accompanying Big Bloom to fill out the plant’s nutritive needs.
     Most manufacturers make a “one part,” or complete grow or bloom fertilizer that can be used as a base fertilizer. For example, Roots Organics makes Buddha Grow and Soul Synthetics Grow. Dyna-gro makes their basic “Grow,” and Age Old also has their “Grow.” Each of these nutrient lines also have a bloom recipe that gardeners can switch to when they want to promote flowering and fruiting. Point is, they are pretty close to complete fertilizers, so not many other products need to be added to satisfy the plants basic nutrition needs.
     With a three part system, like General Hydroponics Flora line, growers need to use different ratios of all three of the bottles, grow, micro and bloom, to get complete nutrition. While appearing to be the lowest cost solution, having to buy all three drives the price up.
      Once you choose your base fertilizer, whether a three part or one part, you can decide which additives might be appropriate. Every plant is different, every grow environment different as well, so you may find that the performance of one base nutrient system rises above the others for your particular application.



Age Old Organics makes a complete grow and a complete bloom, and the simple option makes their fertilizers one of the top sellers.


 A great way to know if your liquid fertilizer is organic based or sythetic based is to few the "derived from" list of ingredients on the label. Aurora's Buddha Grow has an organic foundation.



Dyna-gro's derived from list shows a more synthetic foundation.

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